Root: baba

baba is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root baba:
~ related to being low, below or down

Baba Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "baba"

mapagkumbabâ : [adjective] humble   more... »
ba : [noun] chin; lowness; low   more... »
magpakumbabâ : [verb] to humble oneself   more... »
bumabâ : [verb] to go down; to descend; to get off; to alight; to depreciate; to decrease; to become low; to become lower   more... »
pagpápakumbabâ : [noun] humility   more... »
ibabâ : [verb] to bring something down; to lower something; to take something down; to degrade something; to demote something; to lower the position of something; to bring something downstairs   more... »
babâ : [noun] descent; down   more... »
maba : [adjective] low; lowly; down; [noun] bass   more... »
magbabâ : [verb] to bring down; to demote   more... »
kumbabâ : [noun] humility   more... »
ibabâ : [noun/adjective] bottom; beneath; below; down; downstairs   more... »
babaín : [verb] to go down for something; to put something down   more... »
pababâ : [adjective/adverb] downward; downhill   more... »
hindí bábabá sa : [adverb] at least; not less than   more... »
ngalumba : [noun] resting or supporting one's chin on one's hand or fist   more... »
babaan : [noun] spot for unloading (people, things, packages, etc)   more... »
makababâ : [verb] to be able to go down; to be able to descend   more... »
pababain : [verb] to reduce; to lower; to depreciate   more... »
pababaín : [verb] to get someone to descend   more... »
pagpápababâ : [noun] making lower; abasement   more... »
pagbabâ : [noun] descent; decadence; downgrade; stepping down (resignation)   more... »
kababaan : [noun] lowness; lowliness   more... »
ipababâ : [verb] to have something brought downstairs or taken down   more... »
paibabâ : [adverb] downward   more... »
pinakamaba : [adjective] lowest   more... »

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