Root: sira

sira is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root sira:
~ related to broken, damaged, flawed

Sira Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "sira"

sirá ulo : [noun] crazy person; mentally-ill person   more... »
sirâ : [adjective] broken; damaged; not working; crazy; worn-out;   more... »
sumi : [verb] to destroy; to break; to harm; to damage; to spoil; to botch   more... »
sirain : [verb] to damage something; to destroy something; to break something; to ruin something   more... »
masi : [verb] to be damaged; to be broken; to be not working; to break down; to be spoiled   more... »
siraan : [verb] to besmirch someone; to defame someone; to slander someone slander; to destroy someone; to damage someone   more... »
si : [noun] damage; tear; defect; flaw   more... »
panini : [noun] vandalism; defamation; destruction   more... »
makasi : [verb] to spoil; to be able to spoil   more... »
pagkasi : [noun] destroying; destruction; damaging; engine breakdown; breakdown; breaking down   more... »
magsirâ : [verb] to break   more... »
mani : [verb] to defame; to slander; to destroy   more... »
masiraan : [verb] to break down   more... »
mapani : [adjective] slanderous; defamatory; destructive   more... »
kasiraán : [noun] corruption   more... »
pagsi : [noun] destroying; destruction   more... »

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