Aligning "likes"

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Author Photo by: BoraMac Rating: 0
Sep 01 2019, 9:45pm CST ~ 5 mos., 26 days ago. 
Aligning "likes"
Pareho...we have an adjective denoting high similarity to really identical
Parang...we have an adverb as like...that I most often hear as "like you"
Tulad...we have a noun again noting highly similar but with suggestion of imitation...and again hear "tulad mo" as "like you"
And maybe even ganito/ganyan/ganoon could be used to express a "like that" comparison.
Any others? I try to learn overlapping / related concepts together.
Any insights would be appreciated. Salamat
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Author Photo Tagamanila Rating: 0
Sep 02 2019, 8:46pm CST ~ 5 mos., 25 days ago. 
Yes, "pareho" is used to mean "the same" or "almost the same".
"Parang" means "similar to" or "somewhat like".
"Katulad/Tulad" is used when comparing similarities and often used in metaphors.
"Ganito/ganyan/ganoon" are demonstrative words. "Ganito/ganyan/ganoon dapat ang gagawin mo" = What you should do is like this/that/that.
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Author Photo leosmith Rating: 0
Sep 03 2019, 11:15pm CST ~ 5 mos., 24 days ago. 
You might like this free PDF download: ic-tagalog-for-forei gners-and-non-tagalo gs-tuttle-langu
because lesson 11, making comparisons, is chocked full of such concepts.
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