BuriBooks App for Tagalog Short Stories

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Author Photo by: FilipinoChatAdmin Rating: 0
Apr 11 2019, 1:15pm CST ~ 2 mos., 16 days ago. 
BuriBooks App for Tagalog
Just wanted to give a shout out to the "BuriBooks" app ( ) that I found recently.
This app includes a huge number of children's books, with both English and Tagalog translations on the same page.
This is great for kids, or even for adults who are looking to practice reading in a format where it's easy to see both the English and Filipino translations side by side. The sentences are not too complicated or nuanced, so it's easy for learners to use. I have no pride here -- I read the kids books, and it's helped quite a bit to pick up new vocabulary and sentence structures here and there. ; )
There is a cost to use the app, but it includes access to ALL the books, which I'm guessing is ~ 50-100 it's a lot of content, and much cheaper than buying those books individually.
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Author Photo gareth51 Rating: 0
Apr 14 2019, 1:22am CST ~ 2 mos., 13 days ago. 
Does the app allow you to show the Tagalog only? I have often thought using children's books would be a good way to learn, because my knowledge of Tagalog is probably the same as a child learning their native language.
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Author Photo FilipinoChatAdmin Rating: 0
Apr 14 2019, 6:07am CST ~ 2 mos., 13 days ago. 
@gareth51 Yes...a lot of their books have three versions you can choose from, an English-only version, a Tagalog-only version, and a version with both translations on each page (Dual Language). Some stories are Tagalog only. I tend to read the Dual Language version and ignore the English unless I get stuck on something.
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Author Photo rambo2fit Rating: 0
Apr 18 2019, 10:32pm CST ~ 2 mos., 8 days ago. 
This is cool. Downloading now. Thanks.
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