For my own curiosity, can i get a translation please?

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Author Photo by: Ahkasi
May 01 2020, 10:29pm CST ~ 1 mo., 5 days ago. 
For my own curiosity, can i get a translation please? 896424372963/posts/1 350982655097663/?d=n ull&vh=e
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Author Photo borr
May 04 2020, 5:18pm CST ~ 1 mo., 2 days ago. 
I've have no idea what the context of this video was but it came across very funny to me (vibes like a soap opera drama) lol. Here's what I got from it.
Gigil na gigil ako sa'yo! (hard to translate that phrase, I just understand what it means. But it's something like they are really irritated/upset with the other person to the point they're emotionally trembling and gnashing teeth) Ever since you destroyed my sky/heaven in region 7 to region 31. What you did to me really hurts. You imprisoned my thoughts, you ruined my future and above all you made me get involved/get into bad habits (you/whomever is being spoken to?) are shameless. (In English) You'll never be a part of my life forevermore. (In Tagalog) I'm difficult to face (hard to fight/challenge) you're just a man in my life, I loved you. You have no right to judge my life. (In English) In the first place, I have made it with (on) my own, with my own (with what I own/by my lonesome??) (In Tagalog) Damn you all! (though it was a little more vulgar haha)
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Author Photo Ahkasi
May 05 2020, 2:20am CST ~ 1 mo., 2 days ago. 
Thank you. I just had to know.
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Author Photo borr
May 06 2020, 11:12am CST ~ 1 mo., 0 days ago. 
@Ahkasi You're welcome, no problem.
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Author Photo Redlotus45 Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
May 07 2020, 9:19pm CST ~ 4 weeks ago. 
Just for fun. Here is my version.
Gigil na gigil ako sa iyo (I am freaking mad at you). Mula ng winasak mo ang kalangitan ko mula sa region 7 hanggang region 31 (Since the time that you destroyed my "heavens" all the way from Region 7 until region 31). Masakit ang ginawa mo sa akin ( What you did to me really hurt). Ginulo mo ang isip ko (You messed up my mind). Sinira mo ang kinabukasan ko (You ruined my future). At higit sa lahat, pinapunta mo ako sa mga bisyong walanghiya (And most of all, you lead me to the shameful bad habits). You're never be abandoned my life forevermore (??? It doesn't make sense-my words haha). Mahirap akong kalabanin (I am hard to defeat). Lalaki ka lang sa buhay ko( You are just a man in my life). Minahal lang kita I just loved you/you are just someone I loved). Wala kang karapatan na humusga sa buhay ko (You don't have the right to judge my life). In the first place, i have "make" it with my own. What I have own. Punyeta kayong lahat (You are all a$$#@les).
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