“Fall” in Tagalog

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Sep 08 2019, 8:34am CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
“Fall” in Tagalog
I thought this article was interesting — discussing the many words for “fall” in Tagalog: /103352/falls
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Author Photo Tagamanila Rating: 0
Sep 08 2019, 9:53pm CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
The plot thickens when we also consider the possible affixes to use with each one. 😁
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Author Photo Diegocorry Rating: 0
Sep 09 2019, 4:21pm CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
I would be interested to hear anyone's take on the word "masadlak." The TL dictionary only lists the noun, "sadlak" meaning a "fall into shame." The Google translator states that the verb "masadlak" should be translated as "to tumble." The (very beautiful) song "Ang Bayan Ko" has the line "nasadlak sa dusa," which at least one English version translates as "mired in despair."
And, on a totally different note (pun intended), there is a wonderful choral version of "Ang Bayan Ko" sung by a Korean youth choir and (the last I knew) available on YouTube.
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Author Photo Tagamanila Rating: 0
Sep 09 2019, 9:54pm CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
"Masadlak" is an old word and I have not heard it used except in that song "Bayan Ko", which is about a hundred years old. My understanding of its meaning is "to be at one's lowest point". So, "to be mired in despair" would be the correct translation for "nasadlak sa dusa".
The song became very popular towards the end of the Marcos dictatorship. It was the anti-Marcos theme song.
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Author Photo BoraMac Rating: 0
Sep 11 2019, 9:53am CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
WHOA...that link...turned into a malicious page for me.
Perhaps I rolled over a bad link...Ingat!
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Author Photo TLDCAdmin Rating: 0
Sep 11 2019, 10:42am CST ~ 6 mos. ago. 
Oh yeah...the Inquirer is a well established news organization (30+ years old), but they do have ads out the I'm not too surprised if one of them turned out to be bad...keep that virus protector up to date! ; )
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