Hello. I am back after a two-week or so break due mainly to seve

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Author Photo by: stevesmi Rating: 0
Oct 04 2019, 9:43pm CST ~ 4 mos., 27 days ago. 
Hello. I am back after a two-week or so break due mainly to severe acute gout and a sprained ankle in the same foot. But also due to what I think was an overload or a feeling of being overwhelmed in trying to learn Tagalog too much too fast and in too short a time. I need to pace myself. Does anyone have any hints or suggestions on pacing the marathon task of Tagalog learning rather than sprinting it ?
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Author Photo TLDCAdmin Rating: 0
Oct 05 2019, 6:41am CST ~ 4 mos., 27 days ago. 
Welcome back! I hope your foot is feeling better.
I’ve heard this advice several places for learning languages, that if you’re really struggling to learn something then you’re going too fast, and it’s time to take a step back and shore up your fundamentals.
You should always be searching for that sweet spot where you’re learning new material, but not struggling with it.
If you’re struggling with something, break it down into smaller parts...there’s usually some specific area that’s causing trouble that you can focus on. You need to build up the “scaffolding” of little bits and pieces of language knowledge, and then the more complicated bits become easy.
Is there something in particular you’ve recently been having trouble with?
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Author Photo Diegocorry Rating: 0
Oct 05 2019, 6:55am CST ~ 4 mos., 27 days ago. 
@stevesmi I agree with @TLDCadmin. Early in my language studies I would tend to panic if I couldn’t get something right away, but over the years I’ve learned that a new language needs time to “percolate” and settle in your brain. If I do ten new flashcards now and get nine wrong, I say “bahala na” because I’m pretty sure — especially with the progressive way the cards are set up on this site — that next time I’ll do better. In short, I no longer panic; in the long run the brain will get it. So I just relax, knowing that’s true. Take it easy and good luck.
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Author Photo stevesmi Rating: 0
Oct 05 2019, 7:22am CST ~ 4 mos., 27 days ago. 
@TLDCAdmin Thanx for that helpful advice. The overwhelming feeling was from trying to recall rather than just simply "use" all of the early "rules" such as individual letters' pronunciation, and the dipthongs and other letter pairings, and the syllabication, and the different accents, and the changes that take place in certain instances, and the simple phrases, and the sentence forming. Phew! A really particular headache was the verb conjugating.
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