Hello! My name is Sherri G; I am from United States and I am a

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Author Photo by: Slgooding Rating: 0
Dec 03 2019, 10:09pm CST ~ 4 days ago. 
Hello! My name is Slgooding. I am from United States and I am a Beginner Filipino language student.
I am studying the Filipino language nephew married a very sweet girl from Tarlac City two years ago. She is speaking English very well; but I would love to read some of the comments made in Facebook in Tagalog.
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Author Photo akosikoneho Rating: 0
Dec 04 2019, 10:06am CST ~ 4 days ago. 
Hi Sherri G/ Slgooding. Before embarking, make sure it is actually tagalog and not another language. Tarlac is a quadrilingual province! One of the most diverse in the area.
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Author Photo Diegocorry Rating: 0
Dec 04 2019, 6:43pm CST ~ 3 days, 17 hrs ago. 
@Slgooding Also keep in mind that Tagalog FB posts, like those in English, can have texters' abbreviations (lol, idk, etc) as well as all sorts of other language shortcuts (e.g. the word "dagdag" might be rendered as "dag2").
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Author Photo akosikoneho Rating: 0
Dec 05 2019, 3:56pm CST ~ 2 days, 20 hrs ago. 
Fun fact about the for reduplication. This was part of Indonesian official spelling until some point in the late 20th century (Maybe the 1970s?). Indonesian is related to Tagalog and has similar concepts. (obat - medicine, obat-obatan some medicine). The more you know!
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