Tagalog Tools

Text Search Tool
Search millions of lines of Tagalog text to self-research how different Tagalog words are used in common practice.
Tagalog Reader Assist
Reader assist tool to easily connect your Tagalog text to the dictionary for easier reading and self-translation.
Browser Extensions / Add-Ons
Chrome and Firefox browser extensions to use the dictionary search within any website.
Affix Analysis
Analyze words against 200+ distinct affix patterns to find potential affix matches.
Tagalog to English Dictionary
Dictionary with thousands of Tagalog words including advanced search capabilities, thousands of built-in example sentences, and over 20,000 audio recordings.
Tagalog Word Of The Day
Learn a new vocabulary word every day! Includes audio recording of the word and example sentences for proper usage.
Listening Practice Youtube Videos
Practice your listening skills by following along in the transcripts for Tagalog-language Youtube videos.
Tagalog Language Drills
Practice makes perfect -- drills for a number of Tagalog language and grammar concepts.
Maps + Map Quizzes
Learn the geography of the Philippines! After learning the map, test your memory using the online Philippines geography quiz.
Sentences Game
Tagalog Vocabulary Practice In Context: Learn Tagalog through exposure to vocabulary in the context of full Tagalog sentences.

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