Tagalog Tools

Tagalog to English Dictionary
Dictionary with thousands of Tagalog words including advanced search capabilities, thousands of built-in example sentences, and over 20,000 audio recordings.
Tagalog Word Of The Day
Learn a new vocabulary word every day! Includes audio recording of the word and example sentences for proper usage.
Text Search Tool
Search millions of lines of Tagalog text to self-research how different Tagalog words are used in common practice.
Listening Practice Youtube Videos
Practice your listening skills by following along in the transcripts for Tagalog-language Youtube videos.
Tagalog Language Drills
Practice makes perfect -- drills for a number of Tagalog language and grammar concepts.
Browser Extensions / Add-Ons
Chrome and Firefox browser extensions to use the dictionary search within any website.
Maps + Map Quizzes
Learn the geography of the Philippines! After learning the map, test your memory using the online Philippines geography quiz.
Sentences Game
Tagalog Vocabulary Practice In Context: Learn Tagalog through exposure to vocabulary in the context of full Tagalog sentences.