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The Tagalog word bábalík is the Filipino verb bumalik » conjugated in the Contemplated aspect ( future tense )

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[verb]  to return; to come back; to go back

Verb conjugations of bumalik:

Focus:  Actor Focus Icon Actor   Root: balikConjugation Type: -Um-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
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Babalik Example Sentences in Tagalog: (21)
Here are some hand-picked example sentences for this conjugation of this verb from this site's Filipino language editors.
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Bábalík akó agád
I will be back soon.
Kailán ka bábalík
When will you be back?
Bumalík ka dito
Come back here!
Bumalík sa gusa ang ba
The child returned to the building.
Bumalík ka sa akin
Come back to me.
Bumalík ka para sa akin
Come back for me.
Anóng oras bábalík ang tatay mo
What time is your dad coming back?
Bumábalík ang sakít ni Bob. 
Bob is having a relapse.
Bumalík ka agád
Come back right away.
Bakit ka bumalík agád
Why did you return so soon?
Diyán ka lang. Bábalík akó sa iyó
Just stay there. I will come back to you.
Bumalík akó sa lungsód matapos magsaka nang isáng dekada
I returned to the city after cultivating a piece of land.
Gustó kong malaman kung kailán ka bábalík
I would like to know (as to) when you will return.
Ináasahan kong bábalík ka
I am hoping that you will return.
Pinápayagan kitáng umalís pero dapat bumalík ka kaagád
I'm allowing you to leave but you must come back right away.
Inalám ko sa kanyáng secretary kung anóng oras akó bábalík bukas
I inquired from his secretary the time I should come back tomorrow.
Bumábalík na sa pagkaba ang lolo ko
My grandfather is already regressing into second childhood.
Mali ka muna at bumalík ka rito pagkatapos
Take a shower first and then come back here afterward.
Mapípilitan si Juliet na bumalík sa Pilipinas kung magkákasakít ang iná niyá
Juliet will be forced to return to the Philippines if her mom would get sick.
Anóng oras bumábalík doón ang yaya ng ba para sunduín siyá
What time does the child's nanny go back there to fetch her?
Taón-taón bumábalík ang mag-asawang Smith sa Manila para magbakasyón ng dalawáng linggó
Every year the Smith couple returns to Manila for a two-week vacation.

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