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The Tagalog word ibinigáy is the Filipino verb ibigay » conjugated in the Completed aspect ( past tense )

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[verb]  to give something; to grant something
*Note: focus on the object being given

Verb conjugations of ibigay:

Focus:  Object Focus Icon Object   Root: bigayConjugation Type: I-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
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Ibinigay Example Sentences in Tagalog: (29)
Here are some hand-picked example sentences for this conjugation of this verb from this site's Filipino language editors.
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Ibigáy mo ang cellphone mo sa amin
Give your cellphone to us.
Ibigáy mo sa akin
Give it to me.
Ibíbigáy ko sa iyó bukas
I will give it to you tomorrow.
Kanino mo ibinigáy
To whom did you give it?
Ibinigáy ng genie ang unang kahilingan ni Aladdin. 
The genie granted Aladdin's first wish.
Gágampanán ko ang anumáng atas na ibigáy sa akin
I will perform any tasks that I may receive.
Nagyáyabáng ang lalaki tungkól sa regalong hindî namán niyá ibinigáy
A man is boasting about a gift he has never given.
Magkano ang ibinigáy mo kay Jack? 
How much (money) did you give Jack?
Nakain mo ba yung tinapay na ibinigáy ko sa iyó
Were you able to eat the bread that I gave you?
Bakit hindî mo ibiníbigáy sa akin
How come you're not giving it to me?
Ibinigáy ko iyón sa hindî niyá kaklase
I gave that to one who isn't his classmate.
Kumapál ang buhók niyá dahil sa gamót na ibinigáy ko
His hair thickened because of the medicine I gave him.
Nakatulong ang gamót na ibinigáy mo sa akin
The medicine that you gave me was helpful.
Huwág kang praníng, kaya mo 'yang bagong trabahong binigáy sa iyó
Don't be a paranoid, you're capable of doing that new job given to you.
Hinihingî ni Bob ang number mo pero hindî ko ibinigáy
Bob was asking for your number but I did not give it.
Maraming salamat sa mga regalong ibiníbigáy mo sa aming pamilya
Thank you very much for the gifts that you've been giving to our family.
Ginastos mo bang lahát yung perang ibinigáy ko sa iyó
Did you spend all the money that I gave you?
Hindî maisip ni Jane kung anóng regalo ang ibíbigáy niyá kay Dick. 
Jane can't think of what gift to give Dick.
Nagagamit ba ni Mary ang microwave na ibinigáy mo sa kaniyá
Does Mary get to use the microwave oven that you gave her?
Ginagamit mo ba ang mga libróng ibinigáy ko sa iyó
Are you making use of the books that I gave you?
Bastá ibinigáy niyá itó sa akin at hindî siyá nagpakilala
He just gave this to me and did not introduce himself.
Kapág ibinigáy mo na, huwág mo nang bábawiin
Once you've given it away, don't take it back anymore.
Hindî pa nauubos ni Jane ang mga tsokolateng ibinigáy mo sa kaniyá noóng Paskó
Jane has not consumed yet all the chocolates that you gave her last Christmas.
Naubos ba ng aso ang lahát ng binigáy mong pagkain sa kanyá
Was the dog able to consume all the food that you gave him?
Magagalit ka ba kung sabihin kong naubos na ang perang ibinigáy mo sa akin
Would you get mad if I told you that I've already spent all the money that you gave me?
Huwág mong bastá ibíbigáy kahit kanino. Ibigáy mo mismo kay Peter. 
Don't just give it to anyone. Give it to Peter personally.
Sundín mo lang ang listahan na ibinigáy ko sa iyó at hindî ka malílitó
Just follow the list that I gave you and you won't get confused.
Mámahalín mo ang mga bagay na ibiníbigáy sa iyó ng lola mo
You should treasure the items that your grandma gives you.
Saán mo dinalá 'yung perang ibinigáy ko sa iyó
Where's / What happened to the money that I gave you?

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